Shop and ship from Japan

The international shipping service ""

To Expatriates-
Fagassent Boutique will deliver SHOP of the goods to your country.
To reside in Japan
Of Fagassent Boutique product ships to foreign countries.
※ is the agency services of international shipping (international shipping).
※Your use of the service, you must have membership registration to

3 immediate delivery in step

STEP1. / To issue a special address at

※When you register to, it will issue a Japan-only address.
※Registration is free.

STEP2. / Shopping at Fagassent Boutique

※Purchase to form shipping of goods enter the dedicated address that has been issued in the "STEP1".
※Be sure to ask the credit card settlement.
※Cash settlement is not possible.

STEP3. / Transfer the goods to the outside of Japan

※Commodity arrives in of the warehouse in Japan.
We pay international shipping fee, we will ship the item to the outside of Japan.



Charge is 580 yen -
Transfer fee 50 yen + international shipping fee 530 yen
Charge is, the weight of the luggage, will vary depending on your destination.
※Charge of the service is only the total amount of "transfer fee" + "international shipping fee.
" When you receive the goods in the warehouse of, you received your fee payment.
From baggage that payment has been completed, it will be international shipping procedures.

Member registration

In service use of transfer com ( is,
Fagassent Boutique of membership registration separately, requires membership registration of

※This page is the introduction page of the shipping agency services business. It does not have a relationship with Fagassent Boutique to this service and the Corporation Researching our operated.
It will service the Corporation transfer comb run.
※With respect to trouble occurred in shipping agency services available at the time, the Company does not bear responsibility. Please use the responsibility of the user like yourself.
※Use of the, inquiries about your procedure, can not answer the Company. Please note.
※With respect to delivery to overseas, returned goods by the customer convenience will be refused. If there is a defect in the products that we deliver the event, but sorry to trouble Here Please contact.